Outdoor Pocket Chain Saw w/Pouch

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Item specifics
  • Application: Outdoor Camping
  • DIY Supplies: Woodcutting
  • Material: 65 manganese steel + nylon thick handle
  • Serrated length: ~25 inches, 11 serrated pcs
  • Total length: about 41 inches
  • Use: Manual, hand-held orange chain saw
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– Lightweight, portable, simple to use and is a great survival tool to have on hand.

– Hand chain saw with fast and efficient cutting blades that stay sharp for a long time.

– Precision design is balanced for low vibration and quite durable.

– Perfect for campfire wood cutting. Ideal for cutting firewood in survival situations as well.

– Light enough for a backpack or even a fisherman’s tackle box.
How to Use:

Simply wrap the cutting teeth around a branch or log, hold the two handles firmly and pull the saw blade back and forth until the cut is complete.


Package Includs:

1 orange hand chain saw with pouch



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