Magnesium Fire Starter For Camping & Survival

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Item specifics
  • For use about anyware in about any conditions, wet or dry
  • Magnesium flint with iron scraper for maximum fire-starting sparks
  • Extremely lightweight (Less than 1.5 oz)
  • Convenient lanyard for easy carrying
  • Free Shipping!
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Quick Overview

1. Bursts out high-heat sparks simply by striking the flint bar and easily ignites paper, dry grass or bark
2. Lightweight, safe and damp proof
3. Can be used just about anywhere, anytime and under almost any conditions, including moist weather or extremely low temperatures
4. Easy to use and quite portable
5. Durable — Every flint can be used for more than one thousand times


* Flint Diameter: 0.26 inch or 6.5MM
* Flint Length: 2.8 inch or 7cm
* Scraper Length: 0.78inch or 2cm
* Material : flint (magnesium), scraper (iron)
* Weight: 41g or 1.48oz

How To Use:

1. Place the flint on the ground facing up, put the scraper vertically to the flint and strike against the magnesium core so that the sparks flare out toward your tinder.
2. That should be all you need to produce a hot sparks to get your much needed campfire going.
Package includes:

1 ea Black Magnesium Flint
1 ea Orange Iron Toothed Scraper
1 ea Black Lanyard for Carrying


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